We went to bed at around 10pm.   We woke looking for the sunrise, but the rains have moved in .    The waves were huge, again,  making the ocean look angry.   We headed down the hill for breakfast, which was fresh eggs,  tortillas, ham, beans, rice, and coffee.       We decided that today would be a lake day and we would go inland and check out some “howler” monkeys and if we are lucky some spider monkeys.   It was still raining hard when we left, but it slowed down after we got to the lake…


We hired a small boat to pull us across the lake (big lake!) to an area where a spring feeds it and creates an area of crystal clear water.     We took the Ibis out and paddled to some small islands where there was a tree full of the real “Ibis” birds.    Emily and I checked out the island and birds.    We were right on the edge of the weather pattern where the coastal water and wet weather met the drier land inland.   It didn’t rain on us and the sun was only about ½ of a mile away all day long.   We had some really cool looking cloud formations and could see blue sky all day.    We are staying on the cliffs over the ocean at Boca Partida again tonight, and it is clearly raining hard there still by the clouds to our East.     We came around the bend and there were the weirdest looking monkeys of all time, the howler monkeys.  I will have to look them up the next time I am online (it has been a few days) as I don’t think monkeys are supposed to look like this, but I am not an expert.


No less than 30 minutes later we saw about 10 Spider monkeys on another island.   They are much better looking animals to me and much more agile.     Indiana James did another skit and is clearly scared of monkeys.   Indiana Jones is scared of snakes, and Indiana James is scared of monkeys.      We were towing our extra boats behind us and one of them was about to jump off of the island on to my boat!   We pulled it away just in time.


We passed a sweet looking hotel on the lake side in the middle of nowhere called “Playa Azul” (blue beach)  that looked pretty sweet.    We also heard there was a Shaman group along the lake and think we saw their place, but not sure.   We want to come back and see if we can visit them.


The light was fading and we decided to load up to get back.  We stopped at a store and got some beer and snacks, and water.     In Mexico it is legal to drink beer in the car, as long as you aren’t driving.      We are taking advantage of that freedom that Mexicans have, that we don’t in the USA.     We have about a 90 minute drive back to our very rustic cabin set up at Ferdinans place.   He and  his family should have dinner ready by the time we get back.   This would be sweet as we were on the lake all day and didn’t eat lunch.       It is now raining hard again, as we drive east.    It is not unlike being in Hood River and then heading towards Portland.    Starts off sunny ends up rainy.     We hope the rain on the coast clears up tomorrow for some more beach time!


Ferdinand had dinner ready…. Shrimp tacos!  Awesome!

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