Volume 2: November 30th

We finally got word that Customs would release our boats today, however, they would not arrive until night time from the port of Veracruz to Mexico Verde. Rafa has lots of friends here in Jalcomulco, Veracruz. He scrounged a Dynamic Duo (Sweet!), a 2007 Star, a 2010 Star, a 2011 Rock Star S, and a Villain S for us to use today. We loaded up and headed up to the put in of the Pescados River, starting at the take out of the Hiko section. This section has class 2,3, and 1 class 4 rapid that is easy to walk if you want to. It was my first time down the river. I started off in the Dynamic Duo with Edwardo, one of Rafa’s friends here. The river has plenty to do with tons of very smooth, friendly rocks, eddies, small holes, and waves. It reminded me of Costa Rica at first, with huge vertical rock walls at the outside of the turns, and loose boulders on the inside. The water was clear and blue/green, and the sun was shining bright. The run is about 8 miles long, a perfect 3 hour day run. Enough to tire you out and make you hungry, but still have time for other things in the day back at camp.

We played musical kayaks all day and the Dynamic Duo saw, EJ/Edwardo, EJ/Emily, Emily/Nick, and Nick/Rafa teams during the day. Everyone was having a blast in this boat. If you haven’t paddled a Dynamic Duo, it is crazy fun. We are definitely bringing it on our next run as well.

Back at the camp, today, we had a guest musician, play a variety of fun stuff. He is Mauricio’s neighbor. I can’t name the instruments, and can’t remember his name either, but everyone from KC to our drivers were all super fired up on his performance. His drum solo and his bamboo instrument (long thick one ) were the highlights. The bartender proved his metal last night as we ordered our first Margaritas from him. He disappeared for a few minutes and we went on playing pool, ping-pong, and fuseball. I looked over and he was squeezing fresh limes… I knew we were in for a treat. When we tasted the first sip, we all were blown away and agreed that this was the best margarita any of us had ever had. Kristine had Dane video him making some more to document how he did it, as this is an art we don’t want to disappear into the Mexican countryside!

Almost breakfast time now on the 30th. Today we’ll do two rivers in one day. Upper Pescados, and another one yet to be named…. A class 2-3 jewel that we’ll be taking the Rogues and Funs down.