We rented a boat and took the Cudas and a Riviera out offshore to the “sacrificial Islaand”, complete with lighthouse. In order to get the boat we rented in the water, we had to lift and heave it along, rolling it on the beach, around rocks, on broken trunks of palm trees. It took about 10 minutes and 8 people to pull it off. The island is protected by a coral reef. Unfortunately an “El Norte” blew in, again, and the winds were about 40 km/hour and the swells were big and it was not ideal for kayak fishing. Lalo and Rafa had masks and fins, so we did some diving off of the boat. Dane and Lalo went out, Nick went out a couple of times and then James and I went out. It was pretty sweet. We put on our diving masks and saw tons of little fish and a few big ones. Lalo had a spear gun in case we saw something we could eat. I was locked and loaded a couple of times, but other than a really big angle fish, I didn’t see anything that could feed the family worth shooting for food. I only fired the gun to disarm it so I could bring it back in the boat. It was way more fun just swimming around looking for cool fish. Lots of caves and other areas where they were swimming around. Meanwhile back on the boat, the boys bought some beer and snacks so it was a cool boat party while anchored offshore. When it was time to go back, our driver putted along for a while while Dane and Lalo sat on the Cudas which were being towed behind the boat. I asked him if he could go any faster and he said, “Si” and hit the gas and then started pulling quick S-Turns until he knocked Lalo off the Cuda in the big swells. Weird, I thought, from putting along too slow to going berserk!  We got Lalo back on the boat and he hit the gas again and started going in circles. Hmm… OK so he has two speeds, very slow, and then crazy. I offered to drive and did a nice medium pace back, with a minor detour attempting to surf a big sweel, where I tipped over the Cudas that both Dane and Lalo were on. The driver took over again and flipped over one of the boats at least 5 times, again, with crazy driving. It was the most random driving I had ever seen. We didn’t care, as Dane was the only one on a Cuda at this point we enjoyed watching him try to stay out of the drink. We made it back to the beach, loaded up and headed into town for dinner. Another good traditional Mexican dinner. By the time we got back to the hotel it was midnight on a Sunday night. One thing for sure is that the Mexicans stay up later than the Americans. KC thinks he is Mexican for sure. Stays up late and seems to do a better job talking to the Mexicans than to us. Today was another great day in Veracruz!

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