How many wins does one need?

I never thought I would be writing this.    What is it about the 50 year mark in a person’s life, or is it that I am about to be a grandfather?   I always thought of myself as a young person, but your impression of yourself can change overnight.    A creek in the back, stiff legs, fading memory, another wrinkle, kids looking at you like an old person; I don’t know where it came from but, BAM!, hit me like a brick.   I am not getting any younger, I have been so busy doing the same things that I have missed so much in my life!   I used to brag about no finishing my engineering degree, now, I am thinking I should go back to school.    That Harley ride I did last year, now has me thinking…   I need a hog!

On to new adventures...

Why should I kayak all of the time?    I can branch out, do something different.    What is the rush I tell myself;  what I have always told myself.     What if tomorrow I am too old to enjoy it, that is what the rush is about!    No, I am not thinking of getting divorced and dating someone Emily’s age, or getting a trophy wife, I already have my trophy wife, Kristine.

My Trophy Wife


Still I think I need new priorities.    I am considering that my job, being president of Jackson Kayak, designing boats with David (for 20+ years), and competing on the scene year after year isn’t helping me branch out.   I don’t really know what to say other than I am resigning from my work at Jackson Kayak, and retired (I know you have heard this before, but I am serious this time) from competition (after the race this weekend).     I am not selling my ownership in Jackson Kayak, as that would be dumb, of course .  The company is growing and thriving.


Since this is so new to me,   I have some soul searching left still.    I have heard terrible stories of others in mid-life crisis and I don’t want to make their mistakes.    I want to do this my way.     Maybe start with figuring out my new drink, to celebrate almost 50 years on this planet,  pick my new Harley out, maybe a new car, and get a time share on a beach, or a ski mountain.    That isn’t too crazy, no harm, no foul.

Maybe do more of this type of thing???


Now what do I do?   What will the kids think?   Will Kristine be fired up or bummed?   Hmmm… So many questions…  What do you expect when you are having a crisis, I guess!   I figured this was the right place to announce it as so many of you are used to keeping up with what I am doing on my website, that was www.jacksonkayak. long before there was a kayak company called Jackson Kayak.     The other reason to announce it so quickly after my crisis is because today is 4/1/13…









April fools-  I had my mid-life crisis when I was 21 and dropped out of college… I am never going back… Ha ha ha!!   Did I get you?


Here are some photos I dropped in, as a reminder to me, of why a mid-life crisis, would actually be a crisis…  I love my wife, I love my life, I love my Kids, I love my friends, my employees, partner and I hope to enjoy more time together as a kayaker, business person, family member and friend !  Happy April Fools Day!

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