So- Finals are over- some awesome stuff here folks!!

1. 12 year old Sage Donnelly got 1st place!!!  400 point ride and her 300 point 1st ride would have won also!

2. Jessica Yurtinus- her final ride was awesome, moving her from 5th to 2nd!!  280 and some big air.

3. Courtney Kerin had consistent big rides getting third with a 260

4. Jessie Stone had amazingly consistent rides and got knocked out of the medals at the very end.- over 200 points

5. Elaine Campbell had a Mcnasty on her first ride and sweet air loop, but flushed after that- still she was looking good!


Mens’ Class:

1.  Jason Craig- 1690 point first ride with a reverse phonix monkey and some snappy phonix/and mcnasties, as well as some other linked moves- awesome!!!  Reno local ruled!

2. Nick Troutman- was in fourth until his final ride moving into 2nd with 1620!!  awesome final ride for Nick!  Sweet tricky woos both ways and a Loop lunar orbit combo

3. Stephen Wright had an awesome second ride to push me out of 2nd with a 1440-  blunt/mcnasty combo, and space/split combos!  great ride!

4. EJ- I was winning with a 1390 on my first ride, until Jason’s big ride, then Stephen took me out on second rides, and finally Nick pushed me out of the medals- I had three rides over 1,200 points, but flushed on all three rides at the end not able to close my rides out with my back loop, and space godzillas.

5. Hunter Katich- 16 years old- amazing paddler- making the finals!!   We never heard his last score, but around 1,200 I think!   He was trying to win and was rushing a little, but you can see the potential for brilliance!  He will be one to watch!


Off to dinner now with family and friends!  look for photos and video soon!  Great job organizing the event Reno/Tahoe!    Awesome music and fun all day!  tomorrow we do slalom racing and boater cross!!  Oh yea!!