Today is Freestyle Day for the Reno River Festival.    The Entire event happens today!  Women cut to top 5 and men cut to top 10 in Prelims.  THe event started with a competitors meeting while there was Yoga going on on the grassy lawn of the amphitheater.    It transitioned into rock bands, beer, and 15,000 people doing zip lines, rock climbing, swimming, sun bathing (yes- it is bikini weather in Reno and  they were out in force!), as well as lots of people camped out by the hole, either in the grand stands, or on the island, or up and down the bank.    Jeff Campbell is announcing fro everyone and Courtney Kerin helped announce for the Men’s class as well.

Quiet and serene.... yoga in the park- 10am

Prelims started off with the women cutting down to top 5, for finals, so it was a big deal for their first round!

Top 5 Were:

1- 12 year old Sage Donnelly – Team JK

2- Reno Local- Jessica Yurtinus-  Team JK

3. Kiwi paddler- Courtney Kerin- Team JK

4- Dr. Jessie Stone- Team JK

5. USA Team member- Elaine Campbell- Team Wavesport


In the Men’s Class- in Prelims top 10 were:

1- DAne Jackson- Team JK

2- Nick Troutman- Canada- Team JK

3- Stephen Wright- Team JK

4- Reno Local- Jason Craig- Team JK

5- Eric Jackson- Team JK

6- Hunter Katich- 16 years old- Team JK

7- Jud Kiser- 52 years old- Team JK

8- Adam Chapel- Canada- Team JK

9- Scott Sady- Team JK

10- Alex Vorhees- Team JK


Mens’ Semi-Finals- Immediately following Men’s prelims was….

1-  Jason Craig

2- Hunter Katich

3- Eric Jackson

4- Stephen Wright

5- Nick Troutman

Finals are in 2 hours or less!   The bands are playing loud music- the beer sales of the vendors are looking to be very strong, as well as the “Men Wielding Fire” BBQ and other vendors.    Title sponsor this year is Subaru, as well as Cliff Bar, and many others.


Look for some big scores in finals!   I have seen “Front loop/lunar orbit/backloop/mcnasty combo”  as well as Jason throwing back phonix monkey and jedi flips.   Sweet stuff!  My combo for this rodeo that is pretty consistent and will do in finals is McNasty/Lunar orbit/cartwheel left/split left right/split right left/phonix Left combo.     I am not getting the lunar orbit out of the mcnasty everytime as I have been drifting too far left on my mcnasty, but I think with three rides, I will get it.

Dane didn’t make finals after winning the Prelims- a big disappointment as I like competing against him and he puts on such a great show.    The finals is stacked and with new kid on the block- Hunter Katich, at 16 years old, it is going to be a great show.

Time to get ready!



p.s. I don’t have kayaking photos or video, but Emily does and there will be a video from this event showing off the great paddling going on by so many talented boaters!

Dane, Hunter, Courtney at competitors meeting