What a great time to be a whitewater kayaker!!

Spring is here and the water is running in most of the Northern Hemisphere.    Generally speaking this is a great water year for whitewater kayakers!   The Sierra’s are in a low water year, but the Rockies are doing well and the East Coast is going off!

Jackson Kayak has the new Karma for your creeking needs, the Zen for your River Running needs, and the new All-Star for your downriver play as well as the Rock Star for your full on freestyle.    The Dynamic Duo is getting lots of water time as we are seeing the front seat being used for getting new paddlers on the water and family fun.    The Rogue is getting lots of use on overnighters, Grand Canyon trips, and by people who are splitting their time between whitewater and flatwater.     The Fun series is still the number one choice for those who want an amazing lightweight, easy to paddle river runner that can surf, squirt, and cartwheel, or help its pilot learn to roll.      The Hero and Super Hero are appearing as regulars on the rivers and creeks where the paddlers are switching from play to river running/creeking often.   Short and sporty, the Hero is the standard for paddlers wanting predictable, fun, easy to paddle, and lightweight creekers and you see it everywhere from the American River, Nantahala River, Charlotte Whitewater Park, to the Steeps of the SE.   The Zen was brand new this time last year and quickly became known for its super fast hull, incredible surfing, and massive stability, in a low profile package.

Don't forget your kids' new boat!!


Getting a new kayak is a big commitment.  It is also a very fun, exciting thing to do, as it makes your most precious leisure time even better.     A new kayak helps you commit to getting out on the water more.   Getting the right boat helps you paddle better, have more fun, and do things you have never been able to do before.


For me the new Karma is helping me win races.  Racing hard and not winning is still super fun, of course, but having the fastest creek boat on the water that helps make winning easier, is certainly making my racing or just creeking time even more fun.


The new All-Star made my time in Africa amazing as well.   I would have had fun anyhow, in just about any boat, but the All-Star being the fastest and loosest and easiest to get big air, made me feel good about my boating, and that is always more fun than not feeling like you are improving.

Fun in my All-Star

Now is the time to consider a new boat if you are thinking about it!  Get as much paddling days in your new boat that way!!


Jackson Kayak dealers are getting stocked up for the season, if they are not already, and we have inventory at the factory to ship to them for the next 30 days or so.   Boats get harder to find, or at least exactly what you are looking for, after June hits and dealers are starting to thin down inventory.  May is the month to get what you want!