It has been 10 years since I have updated my Rolling and Bracing Instructional DVD, making the oldest in the Series.    With Rolling and Bracing being the most challenging skills for most kayakers to master and feel 100% comfortable with, and the most important for both safety and fun factor,  it made sense to update my program for 2013, on its 10th anniversary.

Nick and Dane are on camera and editing, and provide many of the examples of both what to do and what not to do (want to see Dane swim, taking one for the team?)   We took our time to provide a wealth of information, including:

  1. Learning the steps to get your first roll- learning the easiest way to go from upside down to right side up- for anyone.
  2. Learning how to roll intuitively, breaking free from the habits that can shankle us when things don’t always go right.
  3. Learning to bombproof your roll- practice tips, and the mental side of it.
  4. Learning to hand roll, backdeck roll, and other important and fun skills.
  5. Learn to teach the roll- for success early on and success long term.
  6. Learn both basic and advanced bracing- so you don’t need to roll as often.

While this program is a whopping 2 hours of original material- you can pick and choose your chapters and practice where you need it.     There are lots of exercises you can do in front of your TV or computer with your kayak while you are watching, so get your kayak and paddle ready for your first viewing.

This DVD will be available right here online, or at your local retailer in April.    The first 100 people to “pre-purchase” it online will be entered into a raffle to get all of my current instructional DVDs as a prize.  There will be three winners.

The other DVDs are:

  1. EJ’s Strokes and Concepts- 2008
  2. EJ’s River Running Basics- 2005
  3. EJ’s Advanced River Running- 2005
  4. EJ’s Playboating Basics- 2006
  5. EJ’s Advanced Playboating- 2006
  6. EJ’s Rolling and Bracing- 2013