KC Turned 5 years old yesterday and what a better place to  have a birthday than NOC in the summer with friends and family everywhere!    With all of this serious training going on, and the tensions rising as world’s get closer, it was great to see everyone being kids again and playing kid games.    I made this video of the action.     Who is having the most fun?    Hmmm…  Seems that you don’t have to be 5 to love a water gun fight!     KC’s other highlights of the day included cake and unlimited candle blowing out action, as well as his first “pedal bike” to replace his strider.    He didn’t understand what the pedals were for, however, and it will take a few tries to get him riding it I guess.    Attack on Russian and French paddlers by the alliance of Canada, USA, New Zealand and Holland went well.

Today is Kristine and my 25th wedding anniversary, so another celebration day today!