Plug is ready to make the mold!

We have kept this a secret for some time, but not any more!   We put this boat on your order forms and many were asking, “What is a Karma 5000″?    Here it is!  It is a 12’10” long, fast, fun to paddle, stable, river running kayak that will also be a racing machine!     We wanted to give your customers a Jackson Kayak long boat to help complete our river running line up.

River Runners:

short Hero

sporty Fun Runner

stable fast carving Zen

all around creeker/river runner and steep machine Karma

Tandem Dynamic Duo

finally the long boat, the Karma 5000.    This boat will be renamed before it is all over.   Feel free to send in your naming suggestions.      Get your order forms filled out with a demo and retail of this one!