Big fish in little waters... EJ is a happy boy

The Calf-Killer River is a stone’s throw from the Jackson Kayak factory.   There is a 6 mile stretch of shallow, crystal clear water that houses more fish than an aquarium.   Schools of trout, massive musky, lots of small mouth bass, as well as rock bass are swimming all over.    There are schools of other random fish that I have yet to identify.    I was in my Cuda 12 and James on the SUPerfishal.    I had my “Buckeye Jig” with a Zoom min Crawfish trailer still loaded up from the filming of the Fishing University TV show with Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier (and Drew Gregory).      Clear water means little lures and a mono-filament leader; something I learned only recently from Charlie.  I have only fished in murky waters for bass before, or at least never this clear.     I fished this section of river once before using 30 pound braided line and big lures and only caught one fish.     This was different… at least 20- maybe 25 bass today from .5 pounds up to about 3 pounds.    And one huge musky that hit like Mike Tyson and then rocked out of the water like a Polaris Missile before giving me a 10 minute fight.   I had a 10 pound mono-filament leader on my line and figured there was no way I was going to land this thing.   At one point it got behind a tree and I still managed to pull it off.

James and I started by dragging our boats down the hill and then dragging through the shallow rapids without enough water to float our boats.   Eventually you get to deep enough water to float most of it with a few shoals that need you to drag.    We fished the top section hard, not realizing what time it was and when we realized that we only had 15 minutes to get to the take out so I could drive James to the airport on time, we started paddling hard.   Corner after corner for the next hour we paddled not knowing just how far we had to go.    Kristine drove shuttle and was not super impressed with my time managing skills.   I drove quickly to the airport (that is the legal way to say I was, maybe, speeding a little).    Indiana James and I pulled up to the airport curb at 7:00 for his 7:15 flight and he made it on!!!

Here is the video I made… I tried a new setting on my GoPro Hero 3+ called the “Loop”.  It is the ultimate way to film fishing.   Set it for 5 minutes and it records constantly all day, but records over the footage you got ever 5 minutes.  When you catch and release a fish, hit the stop button and you have the last 5 minutes of footage.   I didn’t do it right, however and only got 60 seconds of footage so I missed almost EVERY fish I caught.  Luckily my musky was captured with a couple of short clips.


I am going to hit this river again, but without the time constraints and hopefully get some good bass shots, too!  Meanwhile- check out the photo I have of a BIG largemouth I caught last week… but that is another story…

10+ pounder- my biggest bass yet