This is Really trying to bribe Santa!

Before getting lured into buying lots of little gifts from chain stores, made in a far away land by people who are exploited for low wages and long hours,  think about how you want your money to be spent.    At Jackson Kayak we try our best to either make everything we ourselves, or find people in our local community to make what we can not.     We love the sports/activities we participate in using our kayaks;  Whitewater river running, creeking, play boating, fishing, touring, or putting around for some exercise and fresh air.    We love our dealers who are specialty shops, no chain stores, who live and breath kayaking and provide you, the paddler, the best information, service, and truly care about their paddling or fishing community.

This Christmas season, before spending money, think about where your money goes.   I am not suggesting that a kayak is a gift you can afford to give, but the accessories, stickers, and most of the clothing (we are working on having 100% of our clothing made locally by mid 2014, and have a bunch already) are all made locally and you are supporting sustainable communities and one you care about, the kayaking one.    Of course, nothing can change a young person’s life for the better forever more than a Fun 1!

Spending money is an endorsement of where you spend it.   If getting low quality, low priced goods from China is how you want your local economy to continue to move, simply buy that stuff and it will keep moving that way.    If getting products made by the very communities that created it, will sell it, and service it is your goal, then try to support that as much as you can.

I am Thankful the 160 people who work at Jackson Kayak and the job they do.   I am also Thankful for our retailers and distributors who all care about our sport and do what they can to service everyone in it and make it more fun for all of us.   I am Thankful for our products and the way they improve the quality of life for me, and just about everyone I know.   We are lucky to have found kayaks and the world we explore when we are in them.

Today is Thanksgiving- I hope everyone in the USA is Thankful for all we have.   For those of you who are not Americans with this specific holiday, it is still a wonderful way to remind ourselves how lucky we are.. to find the things that we are Thankful for.   For me it is an endless list of blessings I have.   My wife, kids, paddling, business, friends, health, and more…

Enjoy the holiday season everyone, as it is a special time of the year.    Get out for a cold weather paddle, read a book, make a fire, snuggle with loved ones, and remember that we are lucky to be alive, and lucky to be who we are.

See you on the water!