That is a question I hear often by people in previous generation kayaks… “What is the big deal?  Is it really that much better?”  Just getting off the water from an early morning session at Rock Island (7am) was a clear reminder of how the right boat can make paddling so much more fun and rewarding.   A play boat is a unique kayak in that there are so many things you can do in one, if you learn how.   However we are all at some skill level or another and often we resign ourselves to what we can already do, or assume we’ll continue a downward trend in skills due to getting older, or paddling less.   However, the opposite can be true if your boat is much easier to do stuff in.    Examples:   Learning to bow stall requires being able to get vertical easy enough to practice it.  If it is really difficult to get vertical you won’t try but a couple of times, if it is easier than ever before,  you will try more and learn quicker and feel rewarded as you are succeeding more and learning more, and having more fun.

I can’t think of a move that this isn’t true for the new Rock Star.     The boat being shorter, lighter (especially lighter if you get the competition version with the Carbon/Innegra beam on the hull) and slicier ends makes all hole moves go well.

I just pulled up the Rock Star promo video to watch it again…   I am SO HAPPY to have this boat!!!