By Eric Jackson

how do you compete against a Strawberry daiquiri and an iPhone? Big Tuna!

I love fishing, and I love fishing solo… I can fish for 10 hours on my own and have a blast. However, More than fishing solo, I love spending that time with the people I care about most. If I can be doing something fun, with a common goal (catching fish) with my best friends and family, I am spending my time wisely. We all have to work to make ends meet, have obligations, and limited time, and little time to waste. I have to rate the kayaks we have created in terms of real impact on lives in this order as of today for total impact over the 10 years we have been in business: Fun 1 and 1.5, Shooting Star, Dynamic Duo, Mini-Tripper, Big Tuna, Side Kick, …. The little Kids boats are a no-brainer as the kids who have been given these boats can be counted among the luckiest kids, and most well adjusted kids I have met…. the Tandem boats bring people together in a different way and with the Big Tuna, I am experiencing wonderful times with Nick, Emily, and James Mcbeath, as well as Charlie Ingram in my Big Tuna. You are in the same boat, fishing the same spots, working together, talking, laughing, and generally having a great time and really connecting. I aim to get my wife Kristine in the Big Tuna with me, as well as Dane this year. It is very proactive healing, whether you need it or not.

I made a 2 minute video with a few fishing excursions with Emily and Nick I did in the past few months… I am the one with the cameras so I have limited shots, but the mood I think translates… and if you are into fishing, then you know why the shots I posted… :)

If you can get your own Big Tuna, you can get someone special to go with you… and that makes it all worthwhile!

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So much fun!



p.s. see you on the water!