Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays from Jackson Kayak to everyone!   It truly is a special time of the year if you get together with friends and family, as nothing is more important, in my opinion, than friends and family.    They remind us that being a good person, being good to others in general creates a wonderful feeling in others and in yourself.   That wonderful feeling you get when you give or get a hug, send or receive a smile, and generally lay down your defenses and enjoy others is something to cherish.    I had the opportunity to spend Christmas Eve with my Brother in-laws- Scott and Bill and their families, as well as Lorraine, Kristine, Emily, Dane, Nick, KC, and Tucker.     We paddled in the afternoon- came back and made a fire.     On  Christmas day, it was just Lorraine, and our immediate family, and we paddled, again, in the afternoon.

I put together this video from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day paddling here at Rock Island…  Karma Unlimited and Slalom boat runs…

I am so lucky to be able to share my favorite activity with  my kids and so many of you who I have met on the river!   See you next year!

I am looking forward to the new Year and may it be a happy one for everyone!