By Eric Jackson

Eric, Chris, EJ, Clay, and Dane

Yesterday Chris Hipgrave and Eric Staloway from NOC came to Rock Island to pick up boats for the store and school. Of course, we never made it to the factory yesterday because we had to go kayaking first, and then warm up by the fire, and eat at the Foglight (thanks NOC!). Dane and Clay in Zen 65′s, Chris in a Karma L, and Eric and Eric (me) in Karma mediums for the falls run and sieve city.

We set shuttle for the river run and those of us waiting on shuttle ran around to keep warm, as the ice everywhere was testimony that it was below freezing. Perfectly clear, blue skies and a great water level for the falls, Sieve City, and River Run made it great timing by Eric and Chris to leave the Smokies and Hit the Cumberland Plateau at Rock Island.

We got in the water and did warm up paddle to the dam and then headed down to do “Double Drop” of which I forgot to turn on my GoPro Hero 3… I did remember it for some of the other sections of river and got some great footage of the trip. Check out the short, 60 second edit I made from my favorite place.. Rock Island.

Heading out the door in a few minutes for our morning session at the same place, before we go to the factory and get boats for them to take back to the Store.


Click here to view the embedded video.