By Eric Jackson

Endurance-Strength- Lactic Tolerance- Outdoor running intervals broken up by Push-ups and Jumping Jacks

The Workout: Beginning with 15 seconds of push-ups and 20 seconds of Jumping Jacks and a 4 minute Zone 2 warm up run, this workout will lead you comfortably into two zone 4 pieces that will test your metal before it is all over. The workout is a series of four 4-minute workout segments with a short warm up and a four minute warm-down.

Most people can work harder and enjoy the workouts more if the pieces are broken down to shorter increments and have some kind of mental break between each piece. I am the same and, while I like to run, I always feel much better after running, knowing I did upper body with it. I think you will, too.

The Breakdown:


10 push-ups

25 Jumping Jacks

4 minutes running at zone 2


30 seconds of Push-ups

30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks

4 Minutes of Zone 4 running

30 seconds of Push-Ups

30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks

4 Minutes of Zone 3 running

45 seconds of Push-Ups

30 seconds of Jumping- Jacks

4 Minutes of Zone 4 Running

30 seconds of walking

4 minutes of Zone 2 cool down running

What I like about this workout is that you start off in Zone 2 and it is a good warm-up and easy on the legs. You jump straight to a hard, fast Zone 4 which starts with push-ups and jumping jacks to get your heart going faster, but doesn’t stress your legs. Mentally, you get a break immediately by going to another reasonable set of push-ups and jumping jacks straight into a zone 3 run. When you come off of a Zone 4 segment your heart is already up there and the zone three is easy to achieve, giving you a nice mental break. Of course, we want to really get into shape and the final push is a 45 second push-up and then jumping jacks into another zone 4 run that is a sprint to the finish and it takes mental focus to keep up in zone 4. If you are a charger that likes pushing hard, you can, and will likely find yourself in Zone 5. A 3o second walk into zone 2 warm wraps it up. I find that is not easy to get my heart down to zone 2 while jogging, which makes you feel like a champ, like you can do more than expected.

Combine this workout with either Power Kayak or Power Kayak Mixer and you have a killer day of upper, core, and lower body!