By Eric Jackson Unknown

It occurred to me recently, looking around in the eddy, and talking to whitewater kayakers today, that most of them are not as old as I am, and the majority of them didn’t paddle in the 90′s, some are less than 10 years in, and almost none are from the 80′s and before. This means that my archive of old stuff is now NEW! Ha… Never really thought of it that way before. My hope is that I can share some old videos, photos, TV shows, etc.. that show who and what was going on back in the day. All of these are previous to when I left Wavesport and started Jackson Kayak. Some are from when I was with Dagger before that. Under any condition, I hope you have fun with it. My first one will be this short slide show, converted to video from 2002. The boats in it are the EZ, Ace, Excel, Barcelona (slalom boat), Transformer, Foreplay