By Eric Jackson

While Rock Island is always awesome this time of year, having 4” of rain over 5 days makes it even more special. The water shot up to 30,000 CFS and is now hovering at a super fun 5,500 CFS. The River run, the Upper Caney Fork, and of course the Falls, Sieve City, and the play features are all epic. Stephen and Clay got on the “Trailer Park Wave” while Nick and Dane got a 30,000 CFS run down the river, and Peter, Alec, EJ, and Nick got lots of laps on the falls and Sieve City.

Rain gave way to bluebird skies and crisp, dry, temps in the 60’s, the Rock Island paradise fall weather we all look forward to when we come back from tour.

Zen prototypes, Karmas, Rock Stars were all getting their time on the water! Here are a few images to illustrate what I am talking about… SWEET!

Home Sweet Home!

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