EJ’s 2014 Year End Review-  Highlights, Photos, and Videos…


Some highlights in 2014:

Personal landmarks:

  • Married 25 years in August
  • Turned 50 in March
  • Team USA Athlete for 25 years
  • President of Jackson Kayak for the 11th year.

Athletic accomplishments:   10 podium finishes in Whitewater freestyle and racing.


A few Jackson Kayak noteworthy achievements in 2014


  • Launches more new product in 2014 than any other brand by 2 times.
  • #1 in whitewater sales and new designs for the 7th year in a row.
  • Earns Governors Award for Trade Excellence in State of Tennessee.
  • Launches into the making of its own cooler brand- Orion Coolers
  • Grows again in 2014 our 11th straight season of growth.
  • #1 in fishing kayak sales.

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Some personal directional changes additions in 2014:

  • Increased focus on fishing, planning on a fishing career to accompany my whitewater career.
  • Caught 8 bass over 8 pounds in one year- 5 over 10 pounds.
  • Became a “Pear Sports Coach”, and recorded 5 workouts that can be downloaded on new interactive coaching platform out of Southern CA.
  • New TV Series pilots on the Jackson family filmed in Austria and Zambia that are coming out on the Travel Channel in 2015

IMG_3145 DCIM102GOPRO IMG_3860 IMG_4536

New sponsors in 2014:

  • Raymarine- Fish finders
  • Power-Pole- shallow water anchors
  • Ardent Fishing Reels
  • Cashion Fishing Rods
  • Buckeye Lures
  • Pear Sports

Number of TV show appearances in 2014:  12

Number of countries visited: 12

Number of states visited: 25+  (I got tired of counting just now… moving on)

Screenshot 2014-12-12 12.24.48 Screenshot 2014-12-12 06.54.52 IMG_4999 IMG_4907

My favorite part of the year… the excitement and obsession of fishing seriously again was a common thread of my entire year.   My favorite trip was Zambia, my favorite River is still the Zambezi.

Here is my year end review video- I hope you like it!