By Eric Jackson

Screenshot 2015-01-05 11.29.53The first annual World Paddle Awards are underway and there are two components to it- the “Popular vote” and the “Academy Vote”. There are several members of Team Jackson Kayak in the running and only 4 whitewater kayakers total out of 20 people. Nouria Newman (Sportswoman), Hitomi from Japan (sportswoman), Dane Jackson (sportsman), Sage Donnelly (junior athlete) and Claire Ohara (industry professional) categories.

Right now the categories are being lead by awesome people- sportswoman category is lead by marathon racer, the sportsman category by a flatwater racer, and the industry professional by “expand and extend program for women’s kayaking”. Junior category being lead by Emma Jorgensen- flatwater sprint.

Each of these people are awesome and have a ton of support in their communities. The whitewater community needs to rally and vote for their favorites as well (doesn’t mean you have to vote for a whitewater kayaker because you are a whitewater kayaker, but there are amazing athletes that will not win their category in whitewater unless you vote for them!

The academy is made up of zero whitewater boaters. This doesn’t mean that their vote (50% of the vote), won’t be for a whitewater kayaker, but they know more about their own discipline’s athletes than they do about ours.

If you want to help the Sage, Dane, Claire, Nouria, Hitomi, and myself win their respective categories, please cast your vote! thanks!



p.s. click here- click on the athlete you want to vote for- click on Facebook, twitter, or google to vote. then look at the other categories in the grey box on the right and vote for who you think should win in those, too!