The 2015 World Championships are on the Garburator Wave on the Ottawa River in Canada this summer.   I believe the USA is the last country in the world to select their team.    Today was the beginning of that process with the Junior Men and Women’s Teams being selected as well as the C1 and Oc1 Classes.

The venue for this event is the “Glenwood Wave, in West Glenwood Springs, Colorado.   It is on the Colorado River which is flowing over 16,000 CFS today under sunny/warm skies.    The water was pretty consistent and the rides were great.     Grass roots organizing and Judging by athletes and concerned volunteers assures a quality, fair competition.     Joe Kowalski, the organizer of the World Championships, was present to see some of the competition today and will be back tomorrow and was very complimentary of both the venue and the way the event was being run.

OC1 was first and was won by Dane Jackson and second was Brad McMillan.    Jeremy Lauks was the first alternate and Jake Ament was second alternate.   Jordan Poffenberger had an automatic spot as he is the 2013 World Champion in Oc1.   Dane got a Pan Am on his third ride and scored a 160, and Brad got an air blunt for his big move for 80 points and Jeremy was barely out with a 75.


C1 Class– Jordan took the top spot with a 603 point ride, while Seth Chapelle had three great rides and got a 573, while Dane got a 490, and Brad also made the team (I don’t remember his score, but in the low 200’s I think)



There were two heats of junior women and the top two finishers in prelims were Sage Donnelly and Darby McAdams.    They also had great rides in finals to make the team.   Darby had a great air blunt and Sage got a great helix in finals.    Darby was winning until the final ride where they both knew they were on the team and then Sage finally threw a big ride to take the top spot.


Junior Men:

The junior men’s class was extremely competitive.   There were two full heats of junior men competing and out of that group there were easily 6 of them who could have made the team of three.   Of course only three made it.    David Silk didn’t make finals and had a good shot at it.   Jacob Walker was 2nd in prelims with awesome rides starting with front and back Pan Ams but didn’t make top three in finals.   Corey Sheehan from Kentucky had some amazing rides in practice and had the money clean blunt left, but couldn’t put a full ride together for finals.    However, our top three guys did:   The winner, Alec Vorhees had a 756 point ride and was followed by his little brother, Hayden, who had a 556 point ride, and then newcomer Caito Reoemer has explosive moves and made the team in the third position.    The drama of the event was Alec, the leader in prelims twisted his ankle bad enough he couldn’t do his 4th ride in prelims and was in a lot of pain for the finals and nobody knew if he could focus and pull it off.   We now know that he could!  Congrats to Alec, bronze medal winner in 2013 and on the USA Team for his second time.


The competition just ended at 4pm Mountain Time and the wave is open.   Men’s Pro and Women’s Pro classes are now training on the wave (I will go there shortly!).     Tomorrow the Men’s and Women’s Team will be selected!

Today was also an awesome success for the Jackson Kayak Rock Star!  Sage, Dane, Alec, and Hayden had the new 2016 model and it looked awesome!   Darby, Caito, and Seth had the 2014 model (they haven’t gotten the new one yet).  This boat is primed for Garburator!

From my RV table, down by the river,

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