By Eric Jackson



I never imagined writing about a pair of shorts. When I ripped through my favorite orange board shorts this summer, it occurred to me just how many adventures I have been on wearing them. First, off, what made them my favorites in the first place? They were a bright, fun, color for starters. Bright orange always seems to put me in a good mood. This is why the Kokatat/Jackson line that Dane and I did are primarily bright orange. They were very well cut and never hindered even the most aggressive movements like jumping, running or squatting. They were soft and never chaffed, no matter how many miles I put on them in a day on land or in the water. They dried quickly and didn’t seem to stain easily. They were, in short, a perfect piece of adventure gear.

I really don’t remember getting these shorts. I think Kristine got them for me and it has been at least 3 years of solid use. I do have other shorts I wear, but they were the “go to” most of the time (except Speedo Thursday, of course). I never really imagined getting attached to a pair of shorts, but the moment I squatted down to pick up my fishing kayak on the Ottawa on August 19th and my crotch ripped out, I suddenly had a feeling of loss. I knew at that moment, that I loved those shorts.

Going through photos for a project, I started noticing these shorts popping up in one photo after another. Then I remembered which trips I brought them on and no others. The list was long and the memories were always amazing.

Creeking trips in Mexico- Alseseca (many sections, and races, too) , Jalacingo Upper and Lower

Creeking trips in the USA

Uganda Whitewater- three years in a row

Uganda Fishing- Murchison Falls Tournament

Zambezi River- Zambia- Victoria Falls- Game drives, kayaking, swimming, camping

Ottawa River- whitewater, fishing, kayaking, camping

World Freestyle Championships- NOC

Sickline Race- Austria- two years in a row- under my drysuit, or with dry top for practice

Jessie’s Kid’s Camp- NYC

Cocoa Beach Florida

Turtle Bay, North Shore Hawaii, surfing, swimming

Freestyle Tour- Colorado, Idaho, Virginia, Canada and more

The list goes on…. Here is a photo essay, and a farewell article to my favorite pair of shorts…. I have not replaced them yet, but will soon… perhaps I can find the same ones again…

Remember that life is short- creating memories for yourself, family, and friends is what you end up cherishing in the long run. I am glad my shorts spurred so many wonderful memories.



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