Well, it has been hard to keep it quiet for a year, but the Travel Channel and “Susie Films” production company have partnered with the Jackson Family to produce 2 Pilots for a “Docu-Follow” style reality TV show called, “Jackson Wild”.    The first show, from the Zambezi River in Zambia, will air on October 4th (Sunday) at Noon and the second show, from Oetz, Austria, will air on the same day immediately following at 1pm.

The crew of 9 people hired by Susie Films to record the trips were lead by Mags Miller and included whitewater superstar and Team JK member, Steve Fisher on camera.

Crazy filming times!

Crazy filming times!

The deal with the show is simple, if the ratings are good enough, then the show will go to series, and there will be a weekly show airing on the Travel Channel.  If the ratings are not good enough for the show, these episodes will be the only ones we do.

How will they rate?  I have no idea!   If you watch them, it will help, of course, but that is 100% up to you!

Here is the trailer for the first show:

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