By Eric Jackson



According to Kayak Session’s founder, Phillipe Doux, known as “Toon”, there were 15 new products competing for best of show in whitewater and Jackson Kayak’s new 2016 Rock Star took the honors. There were 5 judges, none of which are affiliated with Jackson Kayak. Seppi Strohmeier (Germany, formerly Team Wavesport and Team Teva, now Mammut innovation manager), Celliers Kruger (South Africa- Fluid), Arnd Shaeftlein (Germany, former designer for Riot, Teva events coordinator ) , Joel Doux (France- publisher of Canoe Kayak Magazine in France), and Phillippe Doux (France- Publisher of Kayak Session)

The Judges:

photo_20100Joel on left





The version of the boat at the PaddleExpo was the Standard Version in a new 2016 Color. I wish we had the Competition Version to look at, but even our Standard version is under 30 pounds, the lightest weight plastic freestyle kayaks on the market. Coming off of a clean sweep of the Mens and Womens Freestyle World Championships, as well as a C1 Sweep, and a Junior Women’s sweep!, this boat has already had more success than any freestyle kayak in history in its debut season.

Some of the attributes of the design are: Jackson Kayak always brings you: Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and bone dry, of course. This specific design excels in the vertical realm with 3 gallons less volume than its predecessor, slicier ends, faster/loose hull, easier takeoffs front and back. It is the best flatwater boat we have ever made for beginners or experts alike. While we targeted the Garburator Wave as a feature we wanted the boat to dominate on, it has already proven to be the ultimate hole machine as well. It is the ideal boat for anyone who wants to be a better play boater and learn faster. I recommend it as a first playboat, because your learning curve will be much steeper than another boat that is simply harder to do moves in.

Oh yea, did I mention that it goes BIG?

Detonator wave, downtown Alma, Northern Quebec, Canada

Nick Troutman’s first session during Stakeout-finding out what it feels like to fly the Rock Star over the waves.

Comfort- this boat has more foot-room than any previous model and all Jackson Kayak models have more room than other brands of freestyle kayaks. This is one of our secrets, that is easier said than done! (David Knight rocked the ergonomics of this boat!)

Here is the promo video we made for the Rock Star- before we took it to the World Championships of Freestyle Kayaking:

Thank you Matthieu Dumoulin for accepting this award on our behalf, and for earning the Silver Medal at this year’s World Freestyle Championships, just behind Dane Jackson, and just ahead of Nick Troutman.



Avid Rock Star user, and President of Jackson Kayak

Thanks Toon at Kayak Session for putting on these awards!