I am a big fan of traveling, seeing new places, having variety in my life.



However, by October when I typically get back to Tennessee from 6 months of full-time traveling, I am fired up to be home.     Since coming home I have been working hard and fishing hard mostly due to an injured should that is still healing up, but I did finally get out into the awesome whitewater of the Caney Fork River Yesterday with Clay Wright.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.22.22 AMSome of the things I miss on the road that I absolutely love here are:   The weather… 70’s-80’s and sunny most of the time, lows in the 50’s.      The scenery- beautiful landscape, green, lush, and hilly.     The people:  Nice, warm, fun, and caring.

IMG_0868    IMG_0682 IMG_0657 IMG_4560

My house:  Much bigger than the RV providing a great place to work, relax, play games with Kristine/KC and when they get home, Emily, Dane, and Nick (and Tucker).

DCIM100GOPROG0101161.My river here:   Rock Island is amazing.

The Fishing:   I caught a 10 pound bass two days ago, muskie, smallies, spots, etc.. all right here.

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The Foglight Foodhouse Restaurant-  Best restaurant I can imagine having .5 miles from my house.



Calfkiller Beer on tap- local brewery, local river good for muskie.


The Factory and staff:  Some of the most amazing people on the planet, making the world’s best kayaks, coolers, and other fun stuff.


Jackson Kayak Factory Staff that are in the National Guard or former military getting award for Above and Beyond by General Hasting. ALL of our staff go above and beyond and we are lucky for each individual who puts their hard work into everything we make.

I am so happy to be home.

Here is a video I made from kayaking yesterday with Clay, set to Tennessee native, Dolly Parton,  singing- “Tennessee Mountain Home”.

See you on the River!