By Eric Jackson

When people ask me, “what if your kids didn’t like kayaking, or fishing?”, I have always used the analogy that an Apache warrior never had to wonder if his son would like to shoot a bow and arrow, it is just what they do. Well, KC seems to love casting a lure, and as you will witness in this video, landing a fish! He isn’t quite up to lipping a bass yet, but he wants to at least touch them before we let them go. Watch as KC lands the biggest Spotted bass of the afternoon. Meanwhile- he is about ready for the “Skipper” kid’s kayak by Jackson Kayak! I have been really lucky to have kids who are just as passionate about whitewater kayaking as I am, and now, I am sure KC (as well as Emily, and maybe even Dane) will be dependable fishing buddies for decades to come. My new Ranger Z521c with an Evinrude G2, 250 hp motor, Raymarine electronics, Power Pole Blades, and Goal Zero charging is almost finished and I know KC will love going 70 mph on the lake! Having the option of enjoying some quiet time around the small creeks and rivers of the area, or the big reservoirs and lakes will be amazing.

Here is KC’s big fish of the day…

Don’t worry- Here is KC’s first promo video for whitewater about 4 years ago… he likes it all!