2016 will be a good year for new instructional materials.    I have 2 new books coming out;   “EJ’s Rolling and Bracing” and “Kayaking with Eric Jackson- Strokes and Concepts- second edition”      These are fairly large projects for me that I started in Uganda in February of 2015 and will be completed in January of 2016.    Stackpole Books is the publisher of both books.       My previous books,  “Playboating” and “Strokes and Concepts” were written in the 90’s, making them dated.

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Steve Fisher launched a ground breaking “Kickstarter” project to fund his new instructional whitewater kayaking film- Dreamline.      This was an awesome move by him, proving that kayakers are interested in investing in high quality projects and want more instructional materials.      Today the instructors for Steve’s film all leave for Livingston, Zambia.   Dane, Pat, Ben, and myself, and of course, Steve.

click here if you want your final chance to participate in the Kickstarter project!


Here is a short video Steve made of Dane and I to help raise money…

I hope everyone gets a chance to put these new materials to good use in 2016!