IMG_9873Kayak Fishing is certainly making fishing from a boat accessible to more people than ever before.    Jackson Kayak is a big part of the kayak fishing revolution with the creation of the high seating and standing platforms that are now seen in all major brands.    These two main innovations made the kayak very “Fishable” for normal fishermen who are not kayakers.    We sponsor Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier, two professional fisherman (one fishes the FLW Pro Tour and the other fishes the BASS Elites).   They also have a TV Show called “Fishing University” which has been on the air for 27 years.   Every year we do an episode with them and they fish out of kayaks instead of their bass boats.    They have graciously allowed us to put this short video on every episode for the coming season.

If you don’t know Steve Fisher, he was once my “arch rival” in whitewater.    We were friends, but traded wins on a regular basis in both extreme kayak races and freestyle events.    Steve has always been the maker of fun and high quality videos and now has his own film production company called “Flowstate Narratives”.      I was excited to see what he would be able to produce with a day on the water filming that would exemplify what the fishing kayak, and Jackson Kayak in particular can bring to fishermen who don’t have a Jackson Kayak.      Here is what he came up with: