When Steve approached me with the idea that he wanted to do his first ever whitewater kayaking instructional film, funded by Kickstarter, I was excited.    The two things that excited me most where:

1. Steve only makes epic films.

2. Nobody has ever done a kayaking related KickStarter project, so if this works, it could open a whole new way for kayakers to fund projects that other kayakers were interested in.

The key to a Kickstarter project is that the people funding it (“buying into it”) and getting something in return.    In this case there are a variety of options for everyone’s budget.     Yes, there are some funny options, like Date Night, with three single kayakers (Dane, Pat, and Ben).    A good easy one for those want instruction can get the “Paddle with a Pro” clinic with one of us- $500/day.

Check out the options here!



OK- so you still want more information, or are thinking about being a part of it?      Click here:


I am excited to work with Steve, Pat, Ben, and Dane on this instructional video!  River Running and more will be covered!