Assuring that we have the best kayak options for new and experience paddlers in all situations is a big focus for Jackson Kayak.   Our third generation Crossover boat  (following the All-Water and Rogue) really hit the spot.       The new Karma Traverse is everything we hoped it would be.     We started with the Karma as a foundation, user friendly, versatile, and safe, and created a 9 and 10′ whitewater expedition kayak that is at home on the long flats as well.    The boat really does span the breadth of the paddling world.    Expedition kayakers looking to do hard, self-support runs will want to use the Traverse with its ample storage, whitewater outfitting, including the Uni-shock Bulkhead system, and great big water handling characteristics.     The beginner paddler who will paddle lots of flatwater, but dabble in whitewater will be equally excited with how well this boat tracks with the skeg down, turns with it up, and the stability it offers when you want it.

Here are two walkthrough videos that will give you a good visual.   I did the first one and Marty Cronin did the second one.  They have some different information and together it should really give you the information you are looking for to decide if this boat is for you.

See you on the river!