Dane RI

Getting your kid a boat that fits them and raising your kid right may not always be part of the same conversation, but it can be.    There are many factors in raising a kid to be responsible, happy adult.    Raising happy kids with a high self esteem and who are willing to work at something to achieve it seems to be agreed on by most parents.     I can’t imagine raising my kids without the boats I made for them.  The Fun 1 for Dane and 2 Fun for Emily.     The Shooting Star for Dane and Star for emily.   Side Kick for Dane and Little Hero for Emily.      Each boat allowed my kids to learn at their own pace and be the kayakers and adults they are today.    

A Fun 1 starts your kids off in a lightweight kayak that is easy to paddle and they can progress in quickly   The Shooting Star allows a very small child to do flatwater cartwheels and upper end freestyle at a young age.  (look at anyone who owns a Shooting Star, or did, and I’ll show you somebody who is a very good kayaker. )

We discovered a missing link, however, in between the Shooting Star and Small Rock Star freestyle kayaks.   Kids could take the vertical moves they learned in the Shooting Star and keep progressing.  They had to get into boats that are way too big and no longer have access to the vertical realm for one or two years.  This era is over and now the Rock Star XS is born and giving kids a fluid ride from Fun 1 to the adult boats!

The reasons I would give my kid a Rock Star XS-

  • Kids who whitewater kayak generally love it and want to learn as much as they can.  Handicapping them with equipment might not seem like a big deal, but it turns them off and makes them feel inferior and like they are waiting their time.   I want my kids to enjoy, strive, and learn.
  • I want my kids to have a high self-esteem and keeping a solid learning curve in play boating does that.  Lots of adult encouragement in the sport.
  • Competitions can be fun and rewarding and having the best boat that is sized right makes competitions more fun and successful.
  • I wouldn’t buy myself a boat that is too big, and growing into it is less likely than growing out of the sport because the equipment just doesn’t work right for them.

The new boat is only 20 pounds and truly rocks!

Want to make your kid really happy?   Give them a kayak that they can learn new stuff in!

RSxs-e1460581995778 Emily Baby Falls 2 EJ gets Fun 1 boy set up Dane RI Dane on Moby Dick DSC_0924 1 Dane and Lauren getting ready to paddle Dane Air Blunt Dane and dad with mini