By Eric Jackson

scott canterbury trophy
Scott after winning $125,000 at the Beaver Lake FLW Tour Event this spring.
Eric: With $1,400,000 in winnings on the FLW Tour already in only 9 years, you are one of the most successful fishermen on tour.
Where did you first hone your skills?
Scott: I honed my skills in the Coosa River but am always trying to improve on all lakes and rivers.
Eric: Who was your main mentor/teacher for fishing?

Scott: As a kid I fished every week with either my dad or my uncle. When I started tournament fishing I learned from many great fishermen in central Alabama. I spent years fishing and learning from Charles Thomas, who was one of the best in the area. If you can compete at a high level in central Alabama I believe with dedication you can compete anywhere.

Eric: As a member of the Quaker State team along with Matt Areys and Jimmy Houston, do you feel extra pressure to perform, or is your drive mostly coming from yourself?
Scott: I do not have pressure from anyone but myself to compete at a high level. I want to succeed at all I do and be the best I can possibly be.

Eric: Who do you enjoy fishing with the most?
Scott: I am always looking for a chance to get on the water. I really enjoy fishing with my dad. We seem to always have a good time and I know I am making memories that will never be forgotten. I also enjoy fishing with my daughter when she will go with me. She really has gotten into hunting and we also have a great time in the woods.
Eric: You have recently become a kayak fisherman, like some of the other FLW Pros. What is the attraction? What boat do you have?
Scott: I am in my first kayak and it is a Coosa HD. I really enjoyed the time that I spend it it. I can access waters that are not accessible with larger boats and it is the most enjoyed exercise one can get.
DCIM100GOPROG0156256.Scott Catches a big one on a frog out of his Coosa HD, while sitting on an Orion Cooler

Eric: You use your Orion 25 as a seat on your boat sometimes; How else does your Orion Cooler get used?
Scott: I do use my Orion 25 as a seat in my kayak sometimes. I always have it with even when it’s not a seat because it is the best cooler on the market. Being an outdoorsman I am always needed cold drinks to stay hydrated.
Eric: You were once known as the “bridesmaid” missing the $1,000,000 FLW Forest Wood Cup payout by an ounce, and $500,000 another time, along with 4 other second place finishes on tour. Did you wonder if you would ever win, or were you confident it was coming?
Scott: Finishing second several times never really seemed to bother me because I know that I am fishing against the best fishermen in the world. Those second places seemed to pay the bills but I knew that if I could stay consistent I would come out on top.
Eric: How did it feel to win one of the toughest FLW tournaments of the season, Beaver Lake this season? Do you feel it broke the ice and now the wins will come easier, or do you think it will be just as tough to crack that top spot?
Scott: It was the my greatest accomplishment yet winning the FLW Tour event this year on Beaver Lake. I know that it has really helped my confidence. You never know when your next win will come but I am always looking and working for the next one.
Eric: What are you most looking forward to for kayak fishing this fall/winter? Anything in particular? Any good plans for your Orion Cooler for this fall?
Scott: Being an outdoorsman I am always excited about the changing of seasons. As the seasons change it always brings changes to Mother Nature. I am looking forward to a few float trips in my kayak as well as spending time in the woods. I am a huge Alabama football fan and get to spend a lot of quality time with my family enjoying football. I also get really excited about filling the freezer with crappie during the fall and winter. With all this my Orion will be a huge part of tailgating and keeping all my meat cold.
Here is a short video clip of Scott in his home state of Alabama!