By Eric Jackson


Here is what Santa EJ thinks make the best Jackson Kayak gifts in 2016!

This time of year is a special one. It means different things to different people, but for the most part, it brings friends and family closer together to celebrate.

Finding gifts for those you care about isn’t always easy, or helping them find gifts for you can be hard as well. If you are a kayaker, or looking for a gift for a whitewater kayaker, I have compiled this top 10 list of Jackson Kayak goodies that will warm the hearts of any paddler!

These gifts are not in the order of cost, but just in order of how much I think they can brighten someone’s day.

10- Jackson Kayak Beanie-

9- Jr. JK Onyx Tank Top-

8- Jackson Kayak Visor-

7- “EJ’s Rolling and Bracing”- DVD-

6- “Facetime” DVD– a vintage movie with Niagara Gorge, “NewFunLand”, and profiles on a much younger Dane, Jason, Nick, and more.

5- “Happy Seat/Happy Thruster Combo” for the play boater.

4.- “Jackson Kayak Cam Straps” because you can never have too many!

3.- Jackson Kayak Yo-Yo for the kid in anyone- Only $1! get a bunch for your friends!

2. “Made in USA” shirt- my favorite logo!

1. ANTIX: The ultimate Christmas gift in 2016- the new Antix! Here is the new Walkthrough Video for this amazing kayak!