Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.   We go the extra mile to get our family and friends together, we smile a little easier, laugh a little easier, and take time to remember what is truly important in our lives.    It is also a time where we enjoy finding special gifts for special people.   

If you have a fisherman that you are looking for something special for, here is a list I have put together that will put a smile on any fisherman’s face on Christmas morning!   The gifts vary in cost, but are in my order based on how big of a smile I would have if I got it!

10- Strike King Popping Perch–  This is a brand new lure that provides an adrenaline rush any time you use it!

9- Jackson Kayak Mesh Hat-  A great logo hat for any fisherman and sure beats combing your hair!  😉

8- Jackson Kayak Truck Sticker–  Help your favorite fisherman “Wrap” their vehicle like a pro with Jackson Kayak logos!

7- Power Pole Micro Anchor– This is a #1 pick for me on the water, but since it is a $500 item I put it at #7.    This is a gift that will bring tears to even the toughest fisherman’s eyes.   

6. Buck Knife- Salt Water Ready Splizzors–  Nothing cuts braid better, and this tool is a must have!

5. Jackson Kayak edition Werner “Hooked” paddle!–   Lots of dealers selling this one, amazing paddle.

4. Raymarine Dragonfly Electronics for any Jackson Kayak Fishing model–  Help your favorite fisherman catch more fish and be an even happier fisherman!    I never leave home without mine!

3. Big Truck Hat– this hat is bad to the bone- ranks #3 on my list! 

2. Orion Tumblers- because everyone drinks either hot or cold drinks every time they go fishing and this keeps them at the right temperature for hours!

1. Orion 25 Cooler– fits perfectly in the back of our fishing kayaks, on the porch, in the truck, and anywhere!    How did we make it before this cooler?

Because this is even better than number 1, but is a big, big ticket item…    

Special top pick:  

Cuda HD Fishing Kayak – The latest in our lineup- this boat takes the fishing kayak to the next level.    It takes a lot of love and a chunk of change to give this as a gift, but….


I hope this was helpful!    Fishermen and women LOVE getting anything related to fishing.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can’t go wrong with the list above!