I have a fun new way to select tidbits for you to read or watch on your phone.      Sign up for occasional texts from me, with links to a short video, article, post, sweepstakes, etc..    The most you would receive is one/day, but I expect to send a few/week.       I will send you links to check out, photos that I think you’ll want to see, etc..    The theme of this one will be keeping up with me for whitewater, tournament fishing, family, and business interests.    Messages will be positive in nature and a good diversion you can enjoy on your own schedule.       You can opt out at any time.

All you need to do is to get on your phone and send “ERICJACKSON” to 206-73,   when you get a confirmation text, reply with “Y” and you are set!      

If you want to only get whitewater content text  “EJwhitewater” to 20673.    

If you want to only get fishing content text “EJfishing” to 20673.

I will begin this once I get 1,000 people signed up.

Help me get to 1,000 so I can get going!