By Eric Jackson

This year’s steep creek championships in Vail, Colorado on Homestake Creek was the Nirvana show. Via a FedEx Truck we got 13 brand new production Nirvana Kayaks shipped directly from the factory and they arrived at the Sitzmark Hotel in downtown Vail. This was my first time seeing a production Nirvana as the mold just arrived when I was already here. Dane, Nick, and I unwrapped ours first and were all high fives; it looks awesome. Dane and I tried it on the class 2 section of Gore Creek before we headed up to Homestake and the rest of Team JK here who ordered them grabbed theirs and were straight to the creek. It paddles amazing and it looks so fast on the water that everyone who tried theirs were spreading the good word, and we started getting tons of requests by racers wanting to get one for themselves.

The boat is simply a joy to paddle. It is fun, easy, fast, and makes you feel really good on the water.

My first race run in it was today and I had two good prelims runs to make finals…. The finals was a heated race with Nirvana paddlers Alec Vorhees, Mattias (from Argentina), and then Nick in first place after their run, then Gerd from Spain (paddling a 9r) took the lead before Dane’s run, who bested the Spaniard for the win. The Nirvana took 4 out of the top 5 spots, including the win!

In the Women’s Class- Nouria Newman took the champioships in her “abyss” colored Nirvana and Sage Donnelly took 3rd in Rush Sturgis’ red one (Rush didn’t make it here so we let Sage race it, thanks Rush!) Second place was Adrienne (Team Dagger).

Lots of good times in this new boat! Here is my run down the course. Keep your eyes open for Dane’s winning run soon!