Happy New Year everyone!!

Every year in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic when the leaves come off the trees and the rains start, the creeks begin to run.       I remember way back when, when somebody in my kayak club, the Merrimack Valley Paddlers, explained to me that when the leaves are off the trees, and the underbrush is also dormant, that it takes 1/3rd as much rain to bring the creeks up as in the summer.     That information has helped me figure out what to expect for river levels over the years and I have gotten pretty good at predicting water flows based on rainfall any time of the year.

Well, the leaves have fallen and the plants are dormant in most of the country!    The recent rains are having an impact and kayakers everywhere are taking advantage of the runs that have been dry for months!   I hope you are one of those people!

The cultural difference between East Coast and West Coast Kayakers is, in part, that on the West Coast, the water just runs…. High or low, it is running for days, weeks, months on end.   On the East Coast the water may or my not run at all, and when it does it is usually for a day or two at a time on low volume steep creeks.     This means east coast boaters are “drop everything and go” kayakers when it rains and West Coast Boaters are a little more relaxed about going.    

Creekboating is fun no matter what boat you have, but it is the most fun when you have a boat that performs extremely well.     The Nirvana is a boat that will make your days on the water more fun.      Stable, user friendly, comfortable, safe, and fast.

The “Uni-Shock Bulkhead” is a staple piece of equipment for the Nirvana.    It allows you to adjust the bulkhead while sitting in the boat in seconds.   Tighten up for the hard rapids and loosen up for the paddle in an out.     The most important thing about the bulkhead is that if you Peton, the bulkhead acts as a shock absorber and will give, while saving your ankles, feet, and knees.    Traditional bulkheads will transfer that energy directly into your legs and then either break or break you.   The worst part of them is that they can twist upwards and torque your feet backwards, breaking your ankles, and trapping you in the boat.    Purely from a safety point of view, the Nirvana has huge advantages. 

The two sizes we made of this boat are the medium and large.    The range of paddler that can fit and paddle each size is very large.     A 100 pounder medium will find the boat to float very high and a ton of boat out of the water for easy boofs, etc..   A 200 pounder in the medium will find it to be a super fast boat with ample stability and still plenty of rocker for hard creeks, but the large will provide more stability.        The large for a 180 pounder would be like a medium for the 120 pounder.        A 280 pounder can find comfort and performance in the Large Nirvana, while the 220 pounder will find it to be epic all around for Creeking.

I am paddling the new “Starburst” color, my new favorite!

Here is a video from Rock Island where the Caney Fork is being released out of the dam and the Falls and Sieve City are running.    Winter time Creeking right here in my backyard!

See you on the river, or creeks!