It has been an amazing winter in Tennessee and the SE USA in General.    Perfectly situated low and high pressure fronts have met in a way that parks the rain right over our drainages and dumps enormous amounts of water.    My son, KC, counted over 7 new “lakes” in our yard due to 100% saturated ground and nowhere for the water to go.    Rock Island peaked last night at 106,000 cfs and is still 100k.     This is a river with an average flow of about 2,400 cfs!

Trailer Park Wave, random local creeks that almost never run, and big water Rock Island.     Life is good!    My truck has both my Nirvana and my Rock Star in it.     I was hoping for a first descent of “Francher Falls” today (80′ into Center Hill Lake), but with Dane gone, Nick injured, and only Clay and I, we might let it slip.   

KC getting into the action as well!