September 19-22 Filming TV Show (Fishing University)
September 24-27 JK Dealer Summit (House Party)
October Farewell trip to White Nile in Uganda (whitewater & environment trip)
October 21 Run Marine Corps Marathon with wife and daughter
November/December Training for 2019 Fishing Season
January 5-13 FLW Tour Event #1- Brookland, TX
February 2-10 FLW #2. Kissimmee, Florida
March 2-10 FLW #3 Bainbridge, GA
March 16-17 USA Freestyle Kayak Team Trials- Rock Island, TN
March 23-31 FLW #4 Grove, OK
April 6-14  FLW #5 Jefferson City, TN
April 27-May 5 FLW #6  Dayton, TN
May 10-20 Training for World Freestyle Kayak Championships
June 22-30  FLW #7 Plattsburg, NY
July 2-7 World Freestyle Kayak Championships- Sort, Spain